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Hospitals and surgical centers are under increasing pressure to control the spiraling cost of providing high quality healthcare. Additionally, the waste and environmental implications of disposable surgical devices is a matter of great concern for the entire medical community.

SPS Sterilization is a safe and effective solution to these challenges.

SPS Sterilization was created to re-sterilize expired, unopened surgical disposables in accordance with the most rigorous standards. SPS Sterilization products are sterilized using a class 10,000 (ISO7) Clean room featuring 3M Sterilizers, incubators for sterility testing and validation.

At SPS, patient safety always comes first. Procedures surrounding our re-sterilization process are constantly being evaluated to ensure nothing is overlooked following the FDA guidelines for processes and procedures. Every aspect of the process is documented and filed to ensure device traceability by device and by facility.

Join us today and together, we can make a positive impact on healthcare cost at your organization while being good stewards of the environment for the years to come.

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